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I applied the patch too late, what can I do?

If you applied the patch one day after the scheduled patch application day, it is not a problem. You have a maximum of two days to apply the past. You should be able to activate the patch without any problems.

If you applied the patch 2 to 3 days after the scheduled patch application date, please contact our technical support via email (, and they can manually adjust your application date so that you can activate the patch.

For fertility tracking experts: Using the luteal phase adjustment under "My Body" in the app menu, you can shift your luteal phase and thus your patch application day by up to 3 days yourself.

Please note, however, that these two solutions will cause a shift in the fertile days calculated by the app.

If the patch is applied more than 3 days after the planned patch application date, you will unfortunately have to remove it. Due to the limited wearing time of 7 days, the patch can no longer measure enough reference values to be able to detect the postovulatory temperature increase.

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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