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How do I correctly apply the patch?

When the app tells you to apply the patch, please follow the steps below carefully. Correct application of the patch is vital, otherwise the adhesiveness and the comfort of the patch can be affected.

Clean the area with soap, shower gel or an alcohol swab, which does not rehydrate your skin.
Place your hand on your hip and use your other hand to find the correct position for the patch.
Put three fingers beneath your armpit on the side you chose to apply your patch. Just below the third finger is the correct location.

Tip: We recommend your non-dominant side for the patch application. For example, if you are right-handed, apply the patch on your left side.
Make sure the patch is positioned in the middle between your breast and your back (see photos on website, packaging or in the app MENU).
Make sure that your shoulder is relaxed and that the skin on which the patch is applied is not stretched.

Tip: Try standing in front of a mirror when applying the patch.
Remove the small part of the protective foil and find the correct position.
Make sure that your shoulder is relaxed, and your hand is still on your hip.
The curved sides of the patch should be at the top and bottom.
Stick the patch in position and remove the remaining protective foil.
Smooth the patch onto your skin gently but firmly. Keep your shoulder relaxed.
If your arm or shoulder is raised during the application, it causes wrinkles underneath the patch which can become uncomfortable. When the arm is raised the skin is stretched and once the patch is applied and the arm lowered wrinkles appear, causing friction and reducing the adhesiveness of the patch.

Once the patch has been applied the app will ask you the start the patch.

Our Quick-Guide shows you exactly, how to apply your patch correctly.

How to Apply femSense Patch

You can also take a look at our tutorial in the menu of the app.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our support:

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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