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How can femSense help me get pregnant?

femSense helps you get pregnant by showing you exactly when you are most fertile and when you ovulate.

Based on your cycle data, femSense determines your cycle duration, your fertile days and when you should wear the patch to reliably determine your ovulation. The app's calendar shows you when you are most fertile at the beginning of your cycle. With the help of the patch, you can then also see if and when ovulation has occurred.

The sensor built into the patch continuously measures your body temperature and uses your temperature data to analyze whether ovulation has occurred.

The intelligent algorithms of the femSense app adapt individually to your cycle and temperature profile and become more precise the longer you use femSense.

In the Get Pregnant mode, you will see the 4 most fertile days marked with hearts in your app. The app will tell you the perfect days to get pregnant and when you have ovulated – the rest is up to you!

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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