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Can I use femSense, if I have PCOS?

femSense has not been tested for women with PCOS. femSense is most reliable with regular cycles between 25 and 34 days with a maximum deviation of +/- 3 days.

The algorithm bases its prediction of your fertile window on previous cycles and the patch is only worn for a maximum of 7 days during this time. If the patch has not measured ovulation in this time the app will notify you and ask you to remove the patch. This means if you have a very long cycle after a few shorter cycles the app could predict your fertile window too early, and the patch would not measure your ovulation.

Regrettably, this means we cannot recommend femSense for women with PCOS and therefore an irregular cycle.

However, we have had several customers with PCOS who had phases of regularity for whom femSense worked, which is why we say we cannot recommend femSense for PCOS but every woman is an individual and even PCOS seems to be individual!

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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